Videos about ferns

Have a look at these videos anytime you like. This post contains all the videos I have on ferns and will be updated as new videos are produced.

Epiphytes of Kikuchi Gorge – while this video is about all the epiphytes I’ve seen at the lovely Kikuchi Gorge in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, it contains many ferns and fern relatives. Here you get to see a fantastic epiphytic fern community in the heart of Kyushu’s temperate rain forest.

The Genus Coniogramme in Japan – the bamboo ferns – this video shows the two species of Coniogramme in my area, C. japonica and C. intermedia, as well as the variegated form of C. japonica (f. flavo-maculata) and the natural hybrid between the two species, C. x faurei. Enjoy these beautiful ferns in their native woodlands.

Japanese Fern Hunt, the Brake Ferns, Genus Pteris – focusing on all the common species of Pteris found in the Fukuoka City area, including three similar species, P. cretica, P. multifida, and P. nipponica, two large species, P. wallichiana and P. excelsa, and one oddball, P. dispar. Here you see them in the native habitat and also get a tutorial on how they can be differentiated.

Epiphytic Ferns of Southern Japan – here’s a guide to the more common epiphytic and lithophytic ferns I’ve found in the Fukuoka City area. Epiphytic ferns are becoming rarer in Japan, especially the coveted species, but most in this video thankfully remain quite plentiful.


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  1. Very helpful as I’m having trouble identifying some of the local plant life here in Japan… maybe you could shoot me an email sometime?

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