The rose garden at Kayoichou Park, Japan, part II

This article is part II of the types of roses that can be seen at Kayoichou Park, near the City of Fukuoka on the island of Kyushu, Japan. Check here for part I to see a general description of the garden, and of course more rose varieties.

Those wishing to visit the garden can access it by taking the JR train from Hakata Station in Fukuoka City. Get on the Fukuhoku Yutata Line bound for Sasaguri or Nogata and get off at Choujabaru Station (the fourth stop if you’re on the local train, or the second if your on the fast train). During midday around three trains travel per hour and leave from platform 8. The current fare is 230 yen one way from Hakata. The park is a 10-12 minute walk from Choujabaru station. The best flower viewing is in mid-May.

On with the tour…

Rosa Marjorie Fair
Rosa ‘Marjorie Fair’ (Harkness, 1978)

Type: modern shrub/hybrid musk
Flower characteristics: single, white eye
Size: 4-5 cm
Fragrance: mild
Color: red blend, white eye
Parentage: Ballerina x Baby Furaux
Comments: Bushy shrub type with abundant, large flower clusters. Also called R. ‘Red Ballerina’ and R. ‘Red Yesterday’

Rosa Old Timer
Rosa ‘Old Timer’ (Kordes, 1969)

Type: hybrid tea
Flower characteristics: double
Size: 10-12+ cm
Fragrance: light licorice
Color: orange to orange blend
Comments: Large flowered hybrid tea rose with upright habit. Flowers are said to be larger in cool weather. Also known as R. ‘Coppertone’ and R. ‘Old Time’

Rosa Playboy
Rosa ‘Playboy’ (Crocker, 1976)

Type: floribunda
Flower characteristics: single, ruffled
Size: 8-10 cm
Fragrance: light and sweet
Color: yellow-red blend
Parentage: City of Leeds x (Chanelle x Piccadilly)
Comments: Wonderful bushy rose with clusters of orange-yellow flowers with yellow stamens, fading to red. Hardy to USDA zone 5. Also known as R. ‘Cheerio’.

To see this garden in full flower in 4K resolution please watch this video:

Rose Garden, Kayoichou Park, Japan
A view of the main rose garden at Kayoichou Park. The park has 180 rose varieties and 2,600 individual plants. Admission and parking are free!
Rosa Princess de Monaco
Rosa ‘Princess de Monaco’ (Meilland, 1982)

Type: hybrid tea
Flower characteristics: double, high centered
Size: 10-12 cm
Fragrance: moderate and fruity
Color: White blend, pink flushing
Parentage: Ambassador x Peace
Comments: Gorgeous, large flowered hybrid tea rose. Said to prefer cooler climates, but does OK in southern Japan. Also known as R. ‘Grace Kelly’, R. ‘Preference’, R. ‘Princess Grace’ and R. ‘Princess of Monaco’.

Rosa Rock and Roll
Rosa ‘Rock and Roll’ (McGredy, 1988)

Type: handpainted floribunda
Flower characteristics: double
Size: 6-7 cm
Fragrance: mild
Color: orange/yellow center and yellow and white markings
Parentage: Sexy Rexy x Maestro
Comments: Wild colored bushy floribunda rose with clustered blooms fading to near pure orange. Also known as R. ‘Macfirwal’ and R. ‘Stretch Johnson’. There is a new grandiflora hybrid that goes by the same name registered by Carruth in 2008 with mottled red, pink, and white flowers. Its patent name is R. ‘WEKgobnez’.

Rosa Stadt Eltville
Rosa ‘Stadt Eltville’ (Tantau, 1990)

Type: floribunda
Flower characteristics: semi-double
Size: 8-10 cm
Fragrance: slight
Color: medium red
Comments: Brilliant red clusters of semi-double flower on this bushy floribunda rose, putting on a dazzling display. Also known as R. ‘Kaarina’ and R. ‘Glowing Achievement’.

Rosa Harry Edland
Rosa ‘Harry Edland’ (Harkness, 1975)

Type: floribunda
Flower characteristics: semi-double
Size: 8-10 cm
Fragrance: Strong
Color: medium red
Parentage: (Lilac Charm x Sterling Silver) x [Blue Moon x (Sterling Silver x Africa Star)]
Comments: Beautiful lilac flowered floribunda rose that unfortunately is susceptible to fungus rots. The flowers have a very strong classic rose fragrance.

Rosa Herz As
Rosa ‘Herz As’ (Tantau, 1963)

Type: hybrid tea
Flower characteristics: double
Size: 12-14 cm
Fragrance: light
Color: dark red
Comments: Upright growing hybrid tea with huge, deep red, velvety textured flowers. A real show stopping flower. Also known as R. ‘Century Sunset’.

Rosa International Herald Tribune
Rosa ‘International Herald Tribune’ (Harkness, 1984)

Type: dwarf floribunda
Flower characteristics: semi-double
Size: 5-7 cm
Fragrance: light
Color: dark lilac
Parentage: Seedling x [(Orange Sensation x Allgold) x R. californica]
Comments: Short growing floribunda rose with generous clusters of deep lilac flowers. Good for hedges, containers and as a groundcover. Also known as R. ‘Margaret Isobel Hayes’, R. ‘Violetta’, and R. ‘Viorita’.

Rosa Old Master
Rosa ‘Old Master’ (McGredy, 1974)

Type: floribunda
Flower characteristics: double
Size: 6-8 cm
Fragrance: mild to moderate
Color: red blend with white eye
Parentage: (Maxi x Evelyn Fison) x (Orange Sweetheart x Fruhlingsmorgen)
Comments: Vigorous and floriferous low growing floribunda rose with red flowers, a white eye, and white on the reverse side of the petals.

Rosa Pierre de Ronsard
Rosa ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ (Meilland, 1987)

Type: romantica with old rose form
Flower characteristics: very double
Size: 8-10 cm
Fragrance: moderate
Color: lavender pink in the center fading to pale pink on the outside
Parentage: (Danse des Sylphes x Haender) x Pink Wonder
Comments: A large climbing rose with an old fashioned look due to its fully double flowers. The flowers are heavy, so tend to hang down, making this rose perfect for upward training. Also known as R. ‘Eden Rose’, R. ‘Eden 88’, and R. ‘Eden Climber.

Rosa The Fairy
Rosa ‘The Fairy’ (Bentall, 1932)

Type: polyantha
Flower characteristics: double with ruffled petals
Size: 2-3 cm
Fragrance: light
Color: pale lavender
Parentage: Paul Crampel x Lady Gay
Comments: Here’s a truly tiny polyantha rose, forming a wonderful groundcover with many clusters of 3 cm diameter flowers. The large cluster size makes up for the tiny flowers. Hardy to USDA zone 4. Also known as R. ‘Fairy’ and R. ‘Feerie’.

Rosa Elina
Rosa ‘Elina’ (Dickson, 1983)

Type: hybrid tea
Flower characteristics: very double
Size: 10-12 cm
Fragrance: moderate
Color: yellow-white blend
Parentage: Nana Mouskouri x Lolita
Comments: Large flowered ivory yellow hybrid tea rose. Single flower per stem. Said to like cool climates. Also known as R. ‘Peaudouce’.

Rosa Europeana
Rosa ‘Europeana’ (de Ruiter, 1963)

Type: floribunda
Flower characteristics: double
Size: 6-7 cm
Fragrance: moderate
Color: deep crimson
Parentage: Ruth Leuwerik x Rosemary Rose
Comments: Incredible crimson clusters of rossetted flowers in big clusters. The stems tend to flop-over due to the heavy flower clusters, so support the stems during blooming. Heat loving rose.

To see more roses from this lovely collection, check out Part III here.


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