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Fukiran Neofinetia Pots from Japan

Fukiran Neofinetia Pots from Japan

7 Responses to “Fukiran Neofinetia Pots from Japan”

  1. Guia Golden says:

    I am glad you will have fukiran pots for sale. Will you be featuring pots by Mr. Tenzan, Fuse, Toshi and Chino as well?

    Guia Golden

    • tommy says:

      Hi Guia,

      At first I’ll be selling cheaper pots, but still nice. Pots created by the masters is like dealing in fine art – they are both a bit difficult to obtain and the prices are pretty outlandish. I would like to see if there is interest first, then I will expand to more select material. Thanks for your interest!


  2. Guia Golden says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am sure your store will generate a lot of interest.The Fukiran pots are a nice finishing touch to a well grown Neofinetia falcata. Please inform us on how it is made and what makes a pot exceptional in craftmanship and design. I always wondered why they are at times more expensive that the plants themselves. Good Luck!



  3. Chris says:

    Hi do you sell fukiran plastic pots? Can you recommend where I can buy some? I’ve been googling and only coming up with seed-engei Japanese site, and there’s only one dimension by the looks of it 3.5″?

    The pots look great for growing phals and oncidiums. Not using them to grow Neofinieta.


  4. tommy says:

    Hey Chris,

    At the moment I’m not selling anything, even pots, though I wish to change that soon.

    Fuukiran pots are good for smaller growing species. The most common size is around 3.5″ in diameter and the larger ones are about an inch bigger.


  5. Mark says:

    Where can I see your pots for sale?

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