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This is an online plant encyclopedia with a particular focus on some of my favorite subjects – orchids and ferns. Also, you’ll notice quite a bit of Japanese flavor since I have resided on Japan’s southernmost main island, Kyushu, for the past 11 years. While interest in plants extends back over my entire life, first kindled by my father in the woodlands of New York State over 4 decades ago, it has recently been strongly shaped by the sheer artistry of Japan’s horticulturalists.  Check out the Botany Boy YouTube Channel as well.

  • Cycads and PalmsThey may look alike, but palms and cycads represent two very different groups of plants.
  • Flower GardensWhen one thinks of a garden, it is difficult not to think of flowers, and in some gardens flowers dominate the scene at least part of the year.
  • Flowering BulbsCertainly one of the most recognized groups of flowering plants are flowering bulbs.
  • Ground Orchids (Terrestrial Orchids)Not surprisingly, ground orchids are found growing in soil, unlike their tropical brethren that we are accustomed to thinking as orchids, for example the genus Cattleya.
  • Japanese OrchidsMuch of traditional Japanese culture originates from its nearby neighbor China.
  • Japanese TreesLike other flora in Japan, the diversity of trees here, especially in the southern forests, is inspiring.
  • fuukiran, fukiranNeofinetia falcataFor centuries specially selected clones of the Japanese native orchid, Neofinetia falcata, have been grown in Japan, known as fuukiran.
  • Orchid PlantsFew groups of plants have attracted as much interest and intrigue as orchids.
  • Slipper OrchidsAnyone who grew up in the northern part of the USA is familiar with lady slipper orchids.
  • fern, species, types of Types of FernFerns and their allies are some of the most ancient vascular plants, dating back some 360 million years.